The Lifan Group has state-level enterprise technical centers and Chinese accreditation of testing center. In 2011 November, identified in the national development and Reform Commission announced the national enterprise technology center of evaluation results, the Lifan state-level technology center with 81 points in the 201st, eighth in the car industry, motorcycle industry second.
Lifan technology center is a high level and research and development institutions of high level, is the main body of enterprise technology innovation system, in the VVT technology, dual fuel technology, new energy technology; water cooling technology, multi valve technology, large discharge technology, electronic technology and other fields in the industry - leading level. As of 2012 December, has accumulated to the application of domestic and foreign patent 8007, patent number ranks first peer, the invention patent in the national level technology center 50 strong forty-first, only selected for automobile and motorcycle industry. Lifan won many awards in science and technology innovation, including the national science and technology progress award two prize and 13 national level awards, Chongqing city science and technology progress award, the municipal prize 200 times.

Lifan state-level technology center under the Research Institute of automotive and motorcycle Research Institute, the existing technical staff of more than 800 people, with bachelor degree or above, more than 90% employees, technical personnel with doctor, master and senior engineer or above and title have more than 90.
Lifan has a post doctoral scientific research workstation, on fuel consumption, noise, vibration, and performance enhancement for technology research and technology research, and the development of new energy saving and environmental protection fuel, digital integration, virtual design, virtual analysis technology research and application.

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